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LIVE Workout Testimonials

Testimonials: Testimonials

"Matt’s workout was great. He talked us through all of the movements before starting each set and i was able to do all of them without loads of space or needing any equipment which was handy especialy seeing as our living room is quite small. He demonstrated each movement in a way that you could see him easily on camera and I liked how we did sets of two exercises in rounds which enabled me to get to grips with each one despite it being my first session. 
Thanks for a good workout Matt, I am going to ache tomorw! Hope to join you again!"

 Lydia Smith - Project Manager

"The session with Matt was a much needed break from what’s been a hard week. The class was motivating and had a great focus which set me right up for the rest of my work afternoon. Thanks for bringing us all together!"

Claire Dibben - Marketing manager

Lindsey Kinver

Jose Coello

"One of my favourite things about Matts workouts is I'm learning new movements which challenge your coordination as well as you strength and fitness. It keeps you motivated and you wonder what he will have you doing next week!

Matt always provides a variety of options for the exercises for differing fitness levels, and there's no equipment needed (apart from an occasional chair) so it's super accessible, and inclusive.
It's great being in a class, but from home, because you get the benefits of a group/team mentality which pushes you to try hard and it takes zero effort to show up."

Jason Mulvaney - Videographer

"I've been a bit apprehensive about live online workouts BUT Matt's sessions have changed all that! He has been nothing but encouraging, full of knowledge and as well as challenging. The live workouts sessions are hard work but always with an element of fun, laughs, sweat and most of all keeping me motivated. I would definitely recommend anyone to give this a go!"

Kitty Cheung

"Matt’s live home workouts are a great way to learn new exercises you can do at home without needing any special equipment. Matt teaches movements for all levels and explains them clearly and does them along with you, so you feel completely confident in what you are doing. His workouts are the perfect way to keep up regular exercise from home, when I find it really hard to motivate myself, and I look forward to them each week."

Phillipa Harding

"I've been doing Matt's live workouts for a few weeks now and they are just brilliant. All the movements are explained really well so you can get the most out of them, my body definitely feels like its getting a good workout! And even though you are missing the gym, his workouts show you don't need equipment and you can still get good results. Its a great break from the desk and gets you set for the afternoon ahead. Cant wait for the next one!"

"Live workouts with Matt are so efficient, the way he explain the exercises make such a difference and you feel like you're training hard. Matt is not just an amazing coach he’s also very close and a good friend. I enjoy working out with him."

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